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Leaky air ducts and outdated attic insulation can make your home waste a lot of energy and raise your electricity bill. Lower your energy consumption by arranging for weatherization services with Xcel Home Energy Solutions, LLC. Our technicians are certified with the Building Performance Institute, so you can rely on them to thoroughly inspect your home, find any areas where energy is being wasted and make your home more energy efficient. We offer humidity reduction testing and moisture prevention services, as well as air vent inspections.

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See how we'll help you save on your energy bills

Home energy savings and optimization services are essential to keeping your power bill at a reasonable level. If you think your home is not using energy efficiently, call us. When you schedule an appointment with our crew, we will:

  • Thoroughly check your home, from the crawl space to the attic
  • Perform a blower test to check for air leaks
  • Provide you with a detailed report of our findings
  • Make adjustments to your home to keep it energy efficient

You'll be amazed at the effectiveness of our methods. Get in touch with us to schedule a free energy assessment

Keep your home energy efficient at no cost

There's no need to worry about overspending when you want to update energy systems. The Arkansas Public Service Commission requires that investor-owned utility companies administer energy-saving programs to their residential customers. That means when you employ our weatherization services, you won't be spending a dime.

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