Very responsive and excellent customer service.

Javier C.

What an amazing deal! Who knew there was a service like this out there that would upgrade the efficiency of your home heating and cooling systems...all for FREE!! The team is not only professional, but proficient as well. They did an amazing job at my Mom's home, blowing new insulation in the attic and sealing leaky ducts. We are very, very pleased with this service.

Becky C.

XCEL Home Energy recently came to our home for an evaluation! The team members were polite & professional. The overall evaluation was explained in detail and all of our questions were answered. They had numerous options to better insulate our home & provide us endless energy saving options. I highly recommend them to come to your home today. Plus, IT'S FREE!
Well done XCEL Home Energy!

Jason R.

We had XCEL Home Energy come to our home which was built in the 1940's. They were great to work with and did all the work in a day. Very happy with all the upgrades they made to make our home more energy efficient. It is a great program that Entergy offers and I would encourage everyone to call Scott!

Jessie M.

Their work was very professional and thorough.

Jim M.

Very professional crew. Found some much needed upgrades to my home's energy efficiency. Appreciate the new cost savings on my energy bills!!

Charlie P.

XCEL provides an amazing service! From the original contact to the service call, their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. My wife normally defers all home repairs to me, but she was involved with both visits and was overly impressed with the employees. We received over 6 hours of labor and materials for FREE! It is hard to believe that there is no catch, but they proudly make your house more efficient and don't have a product to sell! I recommend having them come out to evaluate your house. I can't wait to see the savings on my energy bills.

Eric S.